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The McCool family not ONLY have a very "cool" name (I couldn't help it!!), and live in a beautiful wooded neighborhood that truly calmed my soul, but they have two adorable little girls who take you by the hand and steal your heart! "A" made friends immediately while "N" was more cautious, but by the end, both girls were about ready to adopt me into the family! I felt so welcome!

I love lifestyle family pictures! We always start out a little more "posey" because, well, I'm a new face and everyone just tends to look at me whether I really want them to or not. You can see in this shot N's not quite sure about me yet. But once we start hanging out and they begin to see how much more fun it is to run around, we get some really (can I say it?) McCOOL pictures! You'll see the progression as you scroll down!


mccool055.jpg N was trying to put leaves back on the was SO cute! She was so serious about it!


"A" has limitless energy and enthusiasm! I liked her excitement though and pretty soon I started bouncing around myself!


mccool113.jpgI think this is probably my favorite picture of the entire session!!! I just LOVE it when moments like this HAPPEN with little to no prompting. There's a lot of prompting that goes on at the beginning of a session with me, but the best stuff happens about half way through when real moments like this just start unfolding and I can just start snapping away like a crazy fool!


Family interaction is so fun to capture. It's about relationships, not about sitting still or standing straight or acting like you're enjoying staring at a flash mounted on a wall in front of you! This is joyful art and it's a privilege to capture such memories!


mccool224.jpg This is my favorite family picture of the day! Great light, happiness, and interaction. What more could you ask for?

mccool252.jpgThe girls began to run in separate directions and I hurried to snap both scenes because both were so stunning!

mccool264.jpg mccool267.jpg

On our way back, N stopped to give Daddy a nice big hug!


"A" likes to pose! I took advantage of the willingness!!



Thanks McCool's, for allowing me to catch a glimpse of your beautiful family moments!

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