It pays to be an enthusiast!

When the class registration opened last night, I was SOO excited to see the names immediately start popping up in my inbox! It was so much fun! I saw that even after the barrage of comments ended, there were people coming by...of course I can't be sure, but I envisioned them counting the comments and going DARN, I MISSED IT! However, there were two really enthusiastic readers who left me a post anyways, to express their disappointment at not being in the first 9. I had a soft spot for them...and it certainly helped that Kristi threw an offer for 7 layer bars into the mix...what was a girl supposed to DO??? So, our class size has expanded by 2. I had already planned on giving a free spot to my bff Bex because she's been so awesome to help me create the site we'll be using for the class. So, we now have, as our 7-layer-bar-baking friend pointed out to me, a baker's dozen! Thirteen! Which reminds me of one of my favorite now I have to share:

A man was walking down the sidewalk and to his right was a high privacy fence which contained the courtyard of an insane asylum. As he walked, he could hear voices on the other side shouting in unison and enthusiastically, "Twelve! Twelve!" He shook his head an kept walking, but eventually his curiosity got the best of him. He found a hole in the fence and peered through to see what was going on. The moment he did so, he was startled by a poke in the eye! He muttered angrily and began to walk away as the voices shouted, "Thirteen! Thirteen!"

I still laugh, every time! lol. And "Thirteen! Thirteen!" has become a punch line for so many bizarre and surprising moments in our home. So I guess I have to say I really like the number 13!

In other news, because I'm feeling newsy, I was excited to step on the scale this morning and see that I've dropped 8 pounds since beginning my workout routine three weeks ago! Woo hoo! That's so encouraging and motivating! In fact, it's keeping the Doritos at bay right this VERY INSTANT. Starting a workout is like getting your first job, you know? Suddenly dollars (calories) mean SO much more because you know how hard you have to work (out) to earn them! So yes, I'm budgeting calories today.

I hate posting without a picture, so here's one especially for Halloween. Bridget wanted me to post this as a spoof and say that after we left the park, while processing the pictures noticed that some creepy guy was in the tree watching us! However, I had already blown her cover and blogged about her being in the tree, so OH WELL. Isn't it pretty creepy though?? You don't even see her right away, cuz she blends in. But when you do see her, I dunno, it kinda freaked me out. I'll be SURE to photoshop it for Katie, but here's the pre processed version for your Halloween viewing pleasure.



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