Oh, I know, I've been STALLING. Hesitating. Mulling and debating. Should I taunt you all with a few more AMAZING studio posts even though I'll only be doing NEWBORN sessions in the studio from this point on? That's just WRONG of me! Dangling the carrot in front of you and then saying you can't have it. But alas, I must. It's simply unfair for these children's beautiful pictures not to be seen. I will, however, condense the studio sessions I have left into one final post so you don't have to be taunted with a new one every day for the next week. :) I just don't want anyone to lament that the studio pictures are a thing of the past because what's ahead is JUST as cool and exciting. In the next week or so I'll be posting some really AMAAAAZING at-home baby pictures that you just HAVE to see!! I'm so excited about the changes happening around here! You just wouldn't believe what a ripple effect such a little decision has had on my life! My house has been rearranged so that now my children have a play room and we have a functional dining room that is convenient and accessible. My cool new high-tech office is SO cool, it's inspiring just to SIT in it! I have a fresh new vision and artistic wings due to the new direction I'm much excitement going on over here, I just can hardly sit still to tell you about it.

So I look back at these studio pictures with fondness, but mostly because of the friendships, the smiles, the children, and the families I've grown to love through it. I won't miss the four walls and I can't WAIT to begin creating personalized artwork on the backdrop of my customer's lives. Wait till you see what's coming...!

Ayden's 3 month pictures were taken, well sadly, about three months ago and I'm JUST now getting them posted!!! His 6 month pictures were just last week and those are some of the pictures I'm so excited to post, so I figured I BETTER get moving on his last set before they're all out of order! Ayden's got such great facial expressions...he cracks me up! He always takes a little time to warm up to me, but when he does, he's got this great big warm smile that just melts my heart.









Lily turned ONE already! I can't believe seems like just yesterday Lily was in here as a teeny little baby in a basket! *sigh* She's been such a joy to work with. Always so willing to run around and grin and giggle. She's got these great big blue eyes and bouncy curls that are seriously gonna keep Mommy and Daddy on their toes in a few years!


This one makes me laugh so hard! Caption, anyone? I'm at a loss...






Izabella lights up my life a little almost every weekend when I have the pleasure of seeing her at church! I'm so glad I get to see her so often and watch her grow up. She's got a beautiful personality, very easy going, relaxed, happy...ALL the TIME! I'm amazed and just can't stop talking about how adaptable she is whenever we do pictures. She's going to make it far in life with the unique but well balanced combination of determination and agreeability.




I know my watermark kind of goofs this one up a little, but I'm still going to post it because I love it so much!




These five were SO well behaved! I was so proud of them! I could tell they wanted nothing more than to jump up in attack mode and plow me down for the snack in my hand. But they refrained! And I'm still alive to tell about it.



Here's just my very favorite from Simon's session. I won't post anymore because I don't want to spoil their Christmas card surprise for anyone!


To wrap up this five-gun salute to studio photography, I will introduce this lovely family. Alex and Melissa are some of the most relaxed parents I've ever seen. And their five happy children reflect that so beautifully. It's a joy to see them interact and just enjoy each other peacefully. I love it. We're proud to call them friends and I had a great time capturing their true personalities in this session!




Meet Elizabeth! Until recently she was the only girl but that did NOT matter one bit. She keeps up with those boys like you would not believe! She can really take a punch, and throw one too when necessary!


Jonathon...he's a riot (if you can't tell). I had a great time catching all these facial expressions. There are many more! But for sake of time and space:




Nicholas has cool blue eyes, doesn't he? I love studying eyes, and I have the opportunity to look at so many. Each is so different and unique. It always leaves me amazed at the detail in God's intelligent design.


Christopher is a cool dude. You can just tell he's the class clown. There's mischief in those eyes!


I'll save Eliana's introduction for a separate post because sessions like hers I will still be doing. But for now I'm signing off with a fond farewell to studio photography. For now. ;)

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