Swan Lake, anyone?

I am LAUGHING so HARD right now...I've seen some pretty kooky studio props before, but this one is honkin' hilarious...pun fully intended! Anyone want your child's picture taken in a swan...with a backdrop...and some fake flowers? OH MY! If you do, don't come asking ME for photos cuz I do NOT roll like that! Oh, but the laughter that ensued when this popped up on my screen made for such a great ab work out! And lest you think I am mocking some poor photographer somewhere, this came to me from a company who sells backdrops and props. So I'm sure some photog somewhere did shoot it and may be offended if they find this post, but I don't see them claiming the photo with any sort of proudly displayed branding, so I would venture to guess they'd prefer to remain nameless. As would I. If I ever took a photo like that. Ever. lol.

And can you believe it...you could own this graceful prop for only $139 (after $100 off)!!!

Oh, and the OTHER thing I'm laughing at...I can see the hit counter on this page rising, but I think everyone's holding off commenting on my giveaway post because they think that there are only 2 comments and they want to wait till it's closer...there are more! I'm not releasing comments until the next goal is reached so that no one knows how many there are...so you might as well leave a comment if you're here!!! You never know how close you are!

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