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While you're waiting here for the "Open Registration!" post to arrive (Thursday the 29th at 9pm EST), I'll fill you in a little more on how this is going to work. That way you don't have to waste time reading, you can just reply as fast as your little fingers will fly.

1) You must respond to the "Open Registration!" post...comments with the correct information made on other posts won't count!

2) All you need to put in your comment is your email address. I suggest typing it in another program and copying and pasting so that in your haste you do not mistype it! If I don't have that, I am completely unable to get ahold of you so make sure it's right! If I can't get ahold of you within 24 hours, I'll have to move on down the list. IF you are uncomfortable posting your email address in the comments section of my blog, you can alternately leave your first and last name but then it is YOUR responsibility to reach me via email within 24 hours to complete your registration. If I do not hear from you, I will have to move down the list.

3) I will send you a paypal invoice to complete the registration.

Also, here are two slight changes to the previously announced plan:

There are only 12 remaining spots open in the class. The winner of my friend Rebecca's giveaway decided to cash in her freebie this time around and another previous student who had to drop out very early due to illness decided to use her credits for this class as well. And, I gifted one spot in the class to my adorable little brother Andrew who's interested in pursuing photography. Sorry to tomorrow night's # 13, 14, and 15 posters, whoever you are, but you just got bumped! Unfortunately, this time I cannot expand the class...fifteen is most definitely my max. Seven layer bars will not move me.

Also, there may be a slight change in the schedule as I am expecting to be taking a week off to attend an amazing workshop in Dallas in early March. This is not a major adjustment but I'm putting it out there for the few of you whose decision may be altered by extending the class one week longer.

That's all for now! Talk to a few of you tomorrow night! Can't wait to see who's in!

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