Confidence is Beautiful {Emblazon Salon}

Saturday night I had the pleasure of spending my evening at the Emblazon Salon 1-year Anniversary was a par-tay Mardi Gras style!! Of course I was excited because I got to see my latest fashion artwork hit the walls of the salon for the first time, but I was even MORE excited to celebrate this monumentous occasion with one of my closest friends. Jennifer has worked SO hard for this! Emblazon Salon is her dream, her baby, her work of art. She's designed and schemed, poured sweat and tears into this labor of love, pulled together the most talented team of stylists I've ever seen, and wrapped it up in a purely unique and inspirational package. Saturday night we celebrated their first year in business and it was no surprise that the house was packed, the party was jumpin', and everyone who was anyone was squeezin' through that door to shake her hand and wish her the best.

Here are just a few of my favorite pictures from the Winter 2009 Emblazon Salon Collection. All styles, hair, and makeup are original Emblazaon Salon designs and all models are actual Emblazon Salon clients.


Here's a shot I took as soon as I arrived, while I could still see the walls!


rawsii167.jpgKarol (stylist) and Lori (assistant)


Alicia (one of our models)


Introducing: the gorgeous girls of Emblazon Salon (L to R back: Lil Jen, Suzie, Karol, Michelle, Sarah, Lori, Rebecca, Center: Jennifer)



Jennifer and I (taken by Bridget)


Bridget and I (taken by James)


A little self-portrait...


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