Wedding Crashing

When some of your best friends are photographers, it's no surprise that what you do on weekends for fun is crash each other's weddings! It's like a nerdy photog thing. This past weekend my good friend Andrew Conrad was shooting a wedding right around the corner from my house and he let Joe and I know that we were welcome to pop over any time and get some fun shots. Yep, he's just THAT chill. And because it's off season and we're chompin at the bit to shoot weddings...and it was 55 degrees out in the middle of winter...we were all over that!

I was only around for a couple hours, but here are some of my favorite shots from the lovely wedding of Natalie and Christopher. Enjoy...







My personal favorite!


Here's Conrad, gettin' the shot (this shot is on his blog by the way and it's super cute!)


There's always time for a jumping shot! :) If you haven't heard of jumpology, you're missing out!


Natalie had THE most amazing eyes. I noticed them glowing in this amazing natural light setting almost immediately and HAD to pull her aside for some quick shots.


And here's the lucky guy who noticed those eyes LONG ago! ;) rawsii092.jpg


Love this shot of the guys laughing...they were well over the legal limit of fun. :)


This one begs for a caption. lol. You tell me!


The girls were getting wardrobe-creative...


The industrial chic environment at Club Noma ROCKS! I thoroughly enjoyed shooting there.rawsii161.jpg

Congratulations, Natalie and Chris! And thanks Andrew for lettin' me hang out!

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