Big Little Guy! {Ayden}

Ayden's about to move to a new home so documenting his life at his first home was was kind of sentimental. Someday he'll look back at these pictures with no memory of this house but he'll know what he looked like there. I love pictures that are both historical and artistic.


This is one of my FAVORITES. It's hard to get babies to turn in just the right light...often you have to sacrifice perfection in other areas to salvage the great moments that happen when babies crawl AWAY from the great light. But I managed to distract him in the right direction for this perfect shot. Love his eyes here!




I love this...he looks like he's going to launch right at me!


Could he look any cuter? And littler? And yet he's the big guy on campus...he doesn't know he's such a little guy!


Adore this smile! :)


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