One year old {Micah}

One year sessions are some of my favorite, but they also mark the end of a whole YEAR of frequent visits with some of my favorite little people on the planet! So that makes them bittersweet. Micah's 1 year photo session was no exception. But we had fun...he did a fantastic job of chillin' and showing off his active and happy personality. LOVE this first shot beyond words!


Then he decided to show off his birthday balloons...this is his "Are you comin'...there's tons more back this way!" look...


LOVE these balloon shots! Smiles like this can't be faked!

micah12_077.jpg micah12_075.jpg

Micah has a great dad who loves to toss him around...


...and teach him the important things in life like BASKETBALL! :)


micah12_100.jpgMicah loves his puppy and I just adore this candid moment between them.


Outdoors was a little too exciting...I mean who can concentrate when there are awesome and amazing CARS driving by all the time? I know I can't!



YOU try being more interesting than a car! YAH, I DIDN'T THINK SO!


I don't remember what I did to finally get such a great smile in spite of the cars, but I'm quite certain their neighbors were all peeking out their windows and gossiping! ;) hahaha


Micah, I had a blast documenting your first year!! When you're two, I hope we get to hang out again!

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