Nikki. Rocks.

The moment I saw Nikki, I thought she would be SUCH a fun model to work with and I was absolutely right! Not only was she photogenic no matter WHAT she did, but she was hilariously funny and kept me laughing the whole afternoon! I think she's destined for greatness. I could be wrong, but I'm USUALLY right about these things. :)



Nikki's hair was done by Sarah and makeup was by Kelly, both at the incredible Emblazon Salon.


See what I mean? Hilarious!!


One of my instant fav's the moment I snapped the shutter:



Coolest eyes!!!


People often email me and ask where I find these scenic places to shoot...Indiana, baby! Indiana is a gorgeous place to live! Come visit sometime!


These are the moments I love my job so much I just want to jump up and down and do a little dance! When I asked Nikki to lay down in the middle of the parking a wedding dress...and she says without hesitation, "OK!" and proceeds to BE exactly what I envisioned for this shot... I LOVE my job!!! I don't take for granted, for even a second, the trust that I'm given. People usually have no idea what I'm dreaming up, but they trust me 110% and I'm so thankful for that! The confidence that people have in me is what allows me to succeed.


I specifically wanted to see how clear Nikki's eyes would sparkle here and I was not disappointed...look at how cool they look!


A shot loosely inspired by my photographic mentor, Jerry Ghionis.


It's so dark I can hardly focus, but I'm still getting a cool glow from the sky, so we're still swatting mosquitoes and shooting. :) Again, Nikki totally ROCKED!! Can't wait till she actually gets married so we can do this again! ;)


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