First of all, I want to say THANK YOU all for being SO supportive and patient as I took some time off from the business to focus on my family. It was an incredible year that flew by at the speed of life (which is even FASTER than the speed of LIGHT in case you're wondering). I was able to sleep in every morning and snuggle with my baby girl, take walks in the park, catch up with long lost friends, make new friends, read books (best of all GOD'S Book), craft, bake, uncook, garden, and take pictures just for fun any old time. It was a GREAT year and even though it feels like one of the shortest years of my life, it was one of the BEST.

The only hard part was turning down the many requests and not being involved in the picture taking part of so many lives I care deeply about. Picture taking isn't just shutter clicking to's an emotional investment, the communication of a compliment from my heart to yours, my way of saying how much I admire you. It is HARD to have the desire to give that away freely, but to have it tied to a business and counter balanced by the responsibility of a family. And that aspect of life won't get any easier because even though I've decided to come back to work, I've tasted the balanced life and I'm not letting it go!! This year's limited schedule was booked up before the year even began. BUT, at least this year I can say I would be happy to give you one of my limited appointments for NEXT year! That's far better than just "no, no, no" all year!

Since my time is limited, I know I have to be intentional with it. I can't just throw minutes around like wedding rice! This blog needs to have a purpose besides just another place to post the same pictures you're already seeing on facebook. There needs an extra spin on the information...some behind the scenes, some how-to's, some before and afters, some stories, and some give aways. Not every single favorite picture will be posted's not the best format for that kind of sharing. But feel free to email me with special requests if you'd like to see a specific image explained or featured.

I can't sign off without sharing a picture with you! How about one of my favorite shots from Jon and Katye's wedding in Hawaii? There are so many, they're not all going to fit in one or two (or ten!) blog posts anyways ;) More coming soon...


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