Congrats to the Contestants!!!

I'm so excited to be able to say that all three of the students I mentored this year placed in the competition today! :) Two walked away with 1st place and will be going to Nationals, and the other placed 2nd. I'm unable to show Nathan's project because it's a film print and it was such a rushed project that we didn't have time to scan it. I've already showed you Lindsey's picture (the water drops on the leaf). So all that's left to show you is Chad's project. I think it's pretty awesome...he came to me with this concept and really pulled it together well.

Today I'm pretty excited as well because I had my new personal assistant/office manager working in my office for the first time. Things are getting organized and's a light at the end of a very long tunnel! I'm organizationally challenged when it comes to paperwork and filing cabinets. Chrissy is so VERY much a gift from God!!

This weather has me super charged! Our windows are open and fresh air is blowing through the house. It's fabulous! Hope you all enjoy your weekends!!

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