Fashion Photography is Dangerous...

...well, it is if you're me anyways! I provided a small group of models and hair stylists with some free pre-shoot entertainment (in the form of a flailing fall) that resulted in a broken wrist. So here I sit at my computer typing with my right hand and hunt-and-pecking with my left pinky. It's pretty funny to watch, I'm sure! I am told by the ER Dr. that my bone broke when I bent my hand so far that the tendons snapped the tip off the bone. The result is a very bad sprain and a small break. I should be fine...I have an appointment with the orthopedist on Thurs.

In other news, our trip to Detroit to hear Jerry Ghionis in an all day seminar was AMAZING!! I came home with all kinds of ideas and tricks. We even got a picture with Jerry!

However, as you can see, Jerry was not as star struck with the three musketeers from South Bend as we were with him, so I will choose to remember it more like THIS:

(sorry, Jerry)

Actually, he was probably very tired in that picture! I have to say, Jerry was SOOO great to listen to and he gave us his heart and soul. He didn't hold back an ounce. When it was time to break, he offered to keep going and we all cheered, so he kept speaking. From 9am to 10:30pm he barely had a break. We definitely got our $$'s worth!

Well, I'll have new pictures to show soon...this weekend I had three really great photo shoots! More on those later...

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