Sweet Little Corban...

My favorite photgraphic subjects have been WAY too long neglected! Over the summer it tends to get like this, pretty crazy, and VERY out of balance. Summer is the season for weddings and outdoor portraits and I love it for that. But I'm beginning to truly LOOOOOOOOOVE Fall and Winter more and more as the years progress. To me, Fall is when I begin to slow down and enjoy my children. It's like a reunion with mental sanity and we ALL enjoy it IMMENSELY. It's September now, and while I still have a lot on my plate, I can tell you, the upcoming happiness is settling on our household like a dreamy fog. Corban woke up from his nap and came down the stairs in his usual after-nappy happy mood. But today he was particularly affectionate and climbed up on my lap at the computer, snuggling up with his arms wrapped tightly around my neck. "I love you more than the whole world and all the way up to the stars." I smiled and sat there and enjoyed that little moment. "You're so LUCKY, Mom!" "Why is that?" I asked. "Because you have two kids who love you." And so I am...lucky, blessed beyond words, and very very happy to have two wonderful boys and a husband who love me so much and let me go a little crazy during the summer, and welcome me back with open arms every Autumn.

Jadon's taking a late nap, so Corban and I spent a little time bonding over our mutual love of taking pictures. We "take turns" which seems to work really well for gaining cooperation. Unfortunately, when it's my turn, I begin to realize why he has such a hard time...being behind the camera is SO much more fun!!

Here's Corban's pictures. I'm SUPER impressed because not only did he hold up the HUGE camera all by himself WITHOUT dropping it, but he actually USED the back focus (I use two separate buttons to focus and release the shutter) without any help!!! It was such a stretch for his little hand, but he totally pulled it off! I'm so proud!

Pictures of Jadon another day...he's still napping!

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