I'm amusing...right??? {Ryleigh 3mo}

I'm starting to get a complex! Either I'm dumber than I thought or kids are just getting really really smart. Check this out...Ryleigh gives me that same, "You have GOT to be KIDDING" look that Micah did! Do I have a booger? Something stuck in my teeth? Am I still using last year's jokes? Well, whatever it is, I guess I shouldn't complain...I'll embrace it and accept it...it makes great pictures like this one!


Richelle and Chad are two very special people to me...I photographed their wedding almost 2 years ago and felt an instant connection with them. We had such a blast that day, EVEN though my camera decided to commit suicide during the formals and I found myself in panick mode. All was smoothly transitioned, the pictures were great, and they were very understanding! And now I'm SO glad that they're willing to drive back from Ohio every three months JUST for their baby pictures!! Ok, WELL, Grandma and Grandpa live here too, but I think they're REALLY just coming back to see me. lol.


Since deciding to abandon traditional studio photography for a world much more interesting and personalized, I've been EXTREMELY happy with what my little camera has been spitting out!! (because, you know, it is a very GOOD and TALENTED camera). Chad and Richelle were more than happy to have me do their entire portrait session at their parent's home and I could not have been more excited about this. It doesn't take much more than a window and a willing subject to make amazing portraits like these:


ryleigh194.jpg This one makes me want to stare at it all day. Could she GET any more squishable? I'm in love!












See...I AM amusing.


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