November Corbanisms

Oh, it's a strange Alice-in-Wonderland-world I live in. The conversations I have with my 4-year-old send my head spinning, they make me laugh, they sometimes make me cry, but they always always make me love him more than I ever thought possible. I fail to write these things down as often as I'd like, and even now I know I've forgotten a few. I repeat some of the things I want to remember over and over in my head so that when I get here to document it I won't draw a blank. But a few still slip away. So tonight I'm writing while I still have a few in the front of my mind. I hope you enjoy...

Corban: Why is Diego called Diego?

Mom: That's what his Mommy called him. It's a Spanish name.

Corban: It's SPANISH? I didn't know that!

Long pause.

Corban: (slowly, in deep thought) Mom? When I grow up and get a job...I think...I'll change my name to Diego.

Mom: (LOL...imagining my son in a suit and tie demanding to be called Diego)


A customer left my house after picking up pictures. I closed the door.

Corban: Why didn't she say I was CUTE???

Note to the many customers who HAVE said he's cute: Behold the monster you've created! lol


Dad: The underpass is done, Corban, LOOK!

Corban: Wow! That was even faster than the Taco's!

Mom and Dad: TACO'S?????

Corban: Yah, the taco's outside by our know, the ones they were building?

Mom: Um, honey, are you sure??? Where are they building them?

Corban: Yah! Across the street, you know, all the tacos hooked together in a row?

Mom: mean the CONDO'S?

Corban: Yah, but that's too hard to say. I call them Taco's.


Corban praying: Dear God, help Mr. Think with his surgery

Mom: Mr. Fink, honey

Corban: Help Mr. Stink.

Mom: Mr. FFFFFink, honey

Corban: Help Mr. SSSSSSink

Mom: Whatever. God knows. Keep going.


Corban: I'm almost FIVE

Mom: Almost! What are you gonna do when you're five?

Corban: I'm gonna find a wife and get married!

(Look out ladies, he's on the prowl!)


Corban: I'm NOT cute, I'm COOL.

Mom: Ok. What does it mean to be cool? Who do you know that's cool?

Corban: Um, I dunno, maybe Lightning McQueen.

Mom: Do you know any real people who are cool?

Corban: Micah, and Michael, and (insert long list of friends)

Mom: Do you know any grown ups who are cool?

Corban: Um. No.

Mom: What about Daddy? Isn't he cool?

Corban: No. He's really nice, but he's not cool.

(Update: When James found out about this, he had to find a way to be cool. He kept bragging until he stumbled across the "I've ridden in a combine" card and now, guess what, he's "cool!" Men.)


Corban: I like you.

Mom: I like you.

Corban: No Mom, you have to say, "I like you TOO" or it's just AWKWARD!

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