I'm in the baby mood {Isaiah 0 months}

Joe and Carrie are another one of my wedding customers from just a couple of years ago! It seems they're all having babies now! I'm always so excited to see them and catch up on the latest. I never forget my wedding customers, not a single one of them. If I shot your wedding 10 years ago, it might take my over-taxed brain just a couple moments to retrieve your names, but your faces and your whole wedding experience is something I'll NEVER forget! I was excited when Carrie called and said they had a new family addition...I love every excuse I can get to hold a baby and celebrate new life!

Well, we've done it again! It's just such an amazing feat, I am happy to post my 2nd successful "unborn" baby photo. It's definitely not for the faint of heart, am I right, Joe and Carrie? lol. It takes a dedicated crew. Don't try this at home. Atleast not without a lot of baby wipes and paper towels handy. You betcha!


Little Isaiah's Daddy is a football fan! I just love photographing babies with an object that gives you a point of reference. You can see JUST how tiny they are! I know someday he'll probably hate me for this. If I have the pleasure of photographing Isaiah's wedding someday, when I see him standing at the alter, I have a feeling I'll remember this photo and smile. :)



I loved that Isaiah reached out and grabbed Dad's hand for this picture! SO SWEET!




One of my FAVORITE shots! This kid was SO comfortable in his Dad's arms!



Any time spent with a baby is time well spent. I thoroughly enjoyed you, Isaiah and I hope to see you again soon!

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