Weighing in...{Ayden}

I think I've pegged Ayden in past blog posts as being simply "squishable." That's a good term for him...it means you're just so huggable that people can hardly stop squeezing you! Whatever makes a baby that way, Ayden's got it in abundance! Even now, just looking at these pictures, I want to reach out and squish him! lol. And that's not the ONLY reason I just can't stop oogling over these pictures! I'm super excited...because they're just EXACTLY what the new Rawsii artform is all about! When I got to Ayden's house I saw this whole wall of windows I just about freaked out...but then I saw the old scale and my brain started flashing like Chuck Bartowski (oh come on...there have to be a few other Chuck fans out there). I looked at Ayden's Mom in disbelief..."you've been holding out on me! This is AWESOME!!" And you know what she says??? "Yah, that was my Dad's when he was a baby!" My mouth dropped open and I just stood there for a couple minutes processing. What? And you never mentioned this to me?? OK, this has SOOOOO got to go in Ayden's baby pictures!! An adorable family heirloom sitting there just waiting for a baby to sit in it...in a room with gorgeous light? OVERLOAD! I was in heaven!

ayden6 134.jpg

ayden6 156.jpg

ayden6 096.jpg

ayden6 124.jpg

Ayden's always been expressive with his toes so I was excited to yet again capture a cute picture of this.

ayden6 076.jpg

Prime example of rockin' portraiture without a studio.

ayden6 060.jpg

One of my FAV's...look at him smile at his mama!

ayden6 048.jpg

Can you imagine a better Christmas gift? :)

ayden6 209.jpg

Another case of fun personalization...this is a dresser that's been in the family for ahwhile and was repainted by Grandma just for Ayden. It incorporates his name, his nursery, and an heirloom piece of furniture all into one great piece of {smashing fabulous} artwork. Someday his Mommy will look at that dresser, maybe even in her grandbaby's room, and remember when Ayden was tiny enough to fit (barely!) in that drawer. :)

ayden6 182.jpg

Before I left, I had to see the phenomenon...Ayden bounces himself to sleep in his little jumper swing...and then keeps jumping! His Mom says he actually keeps jumping in his sleep as she carries him all the way up the stairs to his crib! It's true...I witnessed it with my own eyes! So funny.

ayden6 255.jpg

ayden6 260.jpg

Being a model is tiring work, especially when you do it so well!! Thanks Ayden for really making my job SO fun!

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