The Raw Talent Class!

I. Am. Soooooo. Excited!

My first class went (is still going) really well and I am proud of what my grasshoppers have accomplished! We had a few hurdles to jump along the way, but that's exactly why I told everyone that they got introductory rates for volunteering to be guinea pigs. Lab rats, if you will. In an endearing way, of course! The class lasted a bit longer than expected, in part because of the crazy holiday madness that we all experienced, partly because I enjoyed my students so much that subconsciously I didn't want to let them go. But alas, all good things must come to an end. The end of one era is the beginning of the next. And so we usher in Raw Talent II.

I have recieved soooo many inquiries about this class! I apologize that I was unprepared for the mass emails and requests and did not have a waiting list set up, nor did I have solid information to give you since I had not decided if and when the next class would happen! I honestly was not expecting this to take off so quickly! But here and now, all your questions will be answered!

WHAT: Raw Talent is an online photography course specifically geared toward beginning and aspiring photographers. If you have a DSLR but are still just aiming and firing like a point and shoot, this class is for YOU! If you are bravely accepting payment for pictures but need to brush up on the basics, YOU need this too! You will learn how to shoot in manual, basic natural lighting techniques, simple Lightroom and Photoshop techniques, and have access to picking my brain on any photographic subject you can think of. Each of the 8 lessons comes with a photo assignment which I will personally review via email.

WHEN: Raw Talent II begins February 12th and ends April 9th.

VALUE: $150 (Prices will continue to increase gradually as we smooth out the bumps)


1&2: Metering

3&4: Camera settings

5: Composing for Strength and Statement

6: Finding the Light (we do not discuss complicated flash techniques...primarily natural lighting)

7: Using your surroundings, personalizing, and getting in the ZONE

8: Post Processing

REGISTRATION: Class size is strictly limited to 15. Open registration will begin on Thursday, January 29th at 9pm EST. I will post an "Open Registration" blog post and the first 15 responders to comment with their email addresses will be accepted and sent a paypal invoice for the full amount. Responders 15-30 will have the option of putting $50 down to hold their spot on the waiting list for the next class and will be guaranteed no price increase. Responders 30+ will be given a coupon code for 20% off future class rates.

And because it goes against every fiber of my being to post without a's a teaser for Keren and Sarah who are anxiously waiting to see the rest of this session. Isn't this girl a natural? And check out the great lighting in their livingroom...mmmmm...more on this awesome session later!


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