The Rawsii 2008 Picture of the Year WINNER!

The votes are all in...the winner has been chosen! The contest raked in a total of 280 votes (140 people) with 61 of those votes going to this image! That's amazing! I'm SO excited that a Trash The Dress picture won the FACT, the 2nd place photo is a TTD image as well! Dress Trashing isn't about ruining a dress, but about creating amazing artwork and I'm so glad to see that so many people are recognizing that and getting excited about {smashing fabulous} art!

The amazing Sarah C. is the beautiful bride pictured in the Rawsii 2008 Picture of the Year. And she SO deserves this honor...this girl braved 30 degree weather for this wet photo shoot!!! By the end of the session the precipitation was turning from rain, to sleet, to snow. And if THIS picture gives you chills, you ain't seen nothin' yet! She laid down in this cold mucky mess!! Hair wet and all! Oh my...definitely one of the most memorable photo shoots I've ever been involved in! Awesome girl (amazing hubby too), fantastic photo shoot...this image definitely deserved a lot of recognition, so I'm content with the results of this contest. I'm sure glad you all decided for me because I really couldn't have done this myself!

Our runner up deserves special recognition as well. Congrats to Paul and Crissy for their Trash the Dress image from their Myrtle Beach, SC wedding!

I'll be posting tomorrow (Thursday) about the start of the next class session...I've been inundated with emails asking about when it starts, how much it will cost, what's covered, etc, etc! All questions will be answered tomorrow and registration will open in about one week!

OH, and I have to add an excited little "EEK" here as blog just reached 20,000 hits! It's been almost a year since I started blogging and somewhere in the course of the year I began to develop a goal (more of a hope?) that I would like to reach 20,000 hits in the first year! The year is up on 2/21, so I still have a whole month left and I've already reached that goal. Pretty excited about that. Thanks for helping me reach it!! I COULD have clicked on my own blog 20,000 times and achieved it myself, but believe me when I say it just wouldn't be the same without you!!!



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