Amy and Steve

Steve and Amy's wedding day was a long awaited event. I was happy both on a professional AND a personal level because Amy's family has been very close with ours for many years. (You may remember our little trip to Niagara Falls for Steve's proposal) It was almost like attending a family wedding for me! On top of all that, Steve and Amy were SO in love...they could hardly stop looking at each other and smiling. :) It was a fun day.

I loved Amy's shoes...this was immediately one of my favorite shots...



The little Ring Bearer and flower girl got a lot of attention...SUPER cute posers...more of them coming soon...

harwood-0239.jpg It rained at the beginning of the day, so we started with pictures indoors. But no problem! Some great window light, a little creative ingenuity, and a whole lotta love was all we needed for some great pictures...

harwood-0344.jpg Believe it or not, we're still not out in the rain for this shot...




harwood-0440.jpg A lovely ring shot by Seth Haley, my capable 2nd shooter for the day.



It finally stopped raining so we headed out to the field. We like to laugh about this one because we needed help keeping the dress from getting wet so there's a bridesmaid hiding behind the bride and groom!



Their happily married!!! I LOOOVE this picture!

harwood-0989.jpg The RB and FG...aren't they just ADORABLE?



A sweet little sibling moment...

harwood-1238.jpg Can't get enough of those reflections...


One of my fav's...this is how sweet they are ALL the's ADORABLE!


Another fantastic shot by Seth:


A gorgeous limo shot to wrap things up...Congratulations Steve and Amy! You're so awesome! Love you guys!


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