Walking on Air

When I meet with wedding clients after we've both decided that we're a great artistic match for their wedding day, I have a list of 10 bizarre questions that I like to ask. The questions generate some lively conversation, laughter, and best of all, I get to see the two of them interact naturally as they share stories, anecdotes, and trivia about each other. Sometimes the things that come up even help me think of a unique artistic approach to their photo session. It's my favorite part of the consultation, and dare I say, theirs too?

One of my seemingly random questions is, Describe the perfect average day…the little things that make you feel like you're walking on air…" I love this question! It's light and deep all at the same time.

With the 2009 wedding season in full swing now, I have to say, life is a little bit hectic. Ok, a LOT hectic. The week before last I was shooting every day except Wednesday, and two on Saturday. I've been feeling that panicky/sick feeling like my family is being neglected and my friends are wondering if I simply don't like them anymore. That means NO walking on air for me! In fact, I felt more like I was walking in quicksand! All the little things that make me smile had gotten shoved aside for larger achievements. But this morning I woke up with fresh energy. As I drove to meet my friend Jennifer for our 6am workout, I rolled the window down and felt the breeze blowing through my hair. I smelled the freshly cut grass, farm country, breakfasts cooking, and the warm morning summer air. I thought to myself, "Life is GOOD" and immediately had that "walking on air" feeling that I had almost forgotten about! I was so relieved to feel it that I almost cried! Or maybe I did, but the 40mph winds blowing in my face wiped it away!

crazy hair.jpg

So here's my shortened list. The top 10 little things that make me feel like I'm walking on air. The parts of life that make me feel like I'm not forgetting to live...

1) Driving with the window down and feeling the wind in my hair (and here's a picture from high school to prove that it's always been that way!)

2) Spending time with Jesus first thing in the morning...feeling prioritized, calmed and focused for the day ahead.

3) Handing my kids apples instead of cookies and seeing their eyes light up.

4) Hearing "Truly Madly Deeply" on the radio.

5) Snuggling up on the couch to watch a romantic comedy with James.

6) Listening to Praise and Worship music while cleaning or cooking .

7) Waking up in the morning to C & J climbing into bed to snuggle up with me for 5 more minutes of sleep.

8) Hearing either of my boys tell me (or their dad, or each other), "I love you" randomly, for no particular reason.

9) Watching the boys give each other a hug and share without being told.

10) Getting an unexpected note or phone call from James.

If all those were to happen in one day, I think I'd float right up to the clouds!

So what's YOURS? What makes YOU feel like you're walking on air?

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